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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

so practice spaces. our garage is over 200 years old hence the broken plaster and junk everywhere but i wouldn't swap it for the world. the walls are 2 FEET THICK!

my kit's a bit of a hybrid. pearl target+ tama starclassic+ sonor, pearl and tama hardware+zildjian and sabian cymbals....?

well now i know the pearl bass drum's backwards but i was dismantling the kit when i remembered to take a pic
this was in one of the sheds on our farm where we had a big gang of people over for my sisters 21'st, long story, in the end gig still kicked ass

this is our practice space its been cleared out since this pic, but it had a really good atmosphere when it was like this

had to post this one. its just really random to see the kit on the farm (stage we built ourselves) and our fields stretching back for miles!!

(before somebody says it i jus wanna make this clear........
youll have to speak up im wearing a towel
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