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Dave Weckl plays a niche appeal genre. He plays fusion, but its more sophisticated and more "musicians music" than other types of fusion. Anybody who has seen his band live or has their live album knows what I'm talking about.

Dave has amazing chops and technique, yet a very free flowing style. He plays technically, yet he plays musically at the same time, wrapping wonderfully around the rest of his phenomenal band. And he is constantly improving. Years, ago, before he started taking lessons with Freddie Gruber, his playing was fine. I mean it was very good, but it wasnt spectacular. Gruber turned Weckl around, and turned him into a true master. Now his style is very loose, very natural (hence a Natural Evolution).

Dave Weckl has been my favorite drummer ever since I disovered him, and is by far and away my biggest influence and role model as a musician (not that i have even the slightest chance of becoming as good as he is)
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