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Default Re: Tony Royster Jr.

I am speechless watching his video when he was 12 yrs old.....The Drum "Gods" have flown down & blessed Tony with a natural talent, he is already a "Hall of Fame" drummer & i bow to him, he is the reason why I humble myself !!!

I read posts of drummers saying, I want to quit & i get frustated etc...after watching Tony play at the age of 12 etc..."NO"...I would advice you to Quit" with that attitude or just settle & let drums be your hobby...

Tony is nothing but inspiration for drummers & anyone who wants to make something out of their lives...people like him only make me sacrifice & struggle & work harder than ever to reach that "Gold Ring".

He inspired me even more... reading for the 1st time today from your posts that he wants to be a doctor & he also has a rare illness he deals with...Tony is a unique individual

I email everyone I know musician or not his video with a message saying " Be Humble, there may be a little Tony Royster Jr. in your life too...

You all have a "Great" day....Lee

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