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jordison is by no means the best drummer. he is incredible but not the best. but to all those who say 'i can do that hes just quick.' i would love to see you create such complex beats to the insane music of all the other 8 members of slipknot. not so easy. i'm sure its possible, jordison just happened to be the one in slipknot, but jordison is to slipknot what bonham was to led zeppelin. enough said..

other news- yes slipknot has a new dvd coming out this year-- being worked out by shawn crahan. should be better than disasterpieces believe it or not and their supposed time of return is 2008. the new album should be out very soon after the rejoining, since most members are still warmed up due to side projects and such. they also have some material already made, they are musicians.. material can come at any time haha. no promises from me, anything can happen to alter events, hopefully not however. i for 1 am looking forward to the new slipknot album.

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