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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta...the unsung Hero.

My dad is a huge drummer and fan of Gino. He looked it up a little didnt find anything. Dude, you can continue to drag this out by calling me new and then saying cool down, calling me ingnorant and saying cool down, well bud, i am fine now, i didnt know the mofo big deal, i anted to ask ppl around, big deal, but i thought this site and forum was a nice community. i didnt think i had to be scolded for simply not knowing a percussionist. My fault buddy, but plz, dont get all pushy and call me "new to this drumming thing." Dont tell me to cool down unless you're willing enough to grow up, and quit posting about how stupid i must be to not know who some drummer is Vinnie Colaiuta. Hes excellent, i just didnt know his name. Also, not every drum magazine since 1985 writes an article every issue about Vinnie Colaiuta.
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