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Default Re: Dave Weckl

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard
It just seem he (and Jay Oliver) tend to compose music for a cool drum part, as opposed to composing a drum part for cool music.
I agree with that but thats what they were trying to do - put him on the map as a soloist...
He said it himself..

To me after the first 2 cds once it became the Dave Weckl Band it became much more musical...of course hes featured alot cause its HIS band but I do think the songs and musicianship between band members was much more cohesive.....but thats just me....

Originally Posted by geek_boy_in
anyways ... i conclude that the ones who are telling Weckl doesn't have feel, is too mechanical is either lying or plain wrong.
Man you just can't please everybody....too technical, too mechanical, not musical blah blah blah...its actuall pretty comical reading these posts...everybody has their OWN grading system on what they define as good drumming...

All I know is every show I've seen him play at everybody sure is paying attention to his every move...not bad for someone thats cheesy and non-musical huh :-)
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