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after listening to a couple of criticism by some members here i really did an introspect and went through my Dave Weckl collection again ( it has been quite long i heard them ... mostly now a days i listen to west african bands like bembeya jazz , super rail road band etc) ......

but man ..... did it sound good !!!!! i was listening to "Dave Weckl Band Live and very plugged in" .......for example the number Rhythm-A-Ning !!! ... it had soul... and swings really hard !!!!!!!! somehow I found a great similarity in his chops with Trilok Gurtu's ......anyone else find it similar ??? also in "Mesmer Eyes" i found Gurtu like ambience and groove....
and "Hesitation" was too funky and the feel was so funny ..... it breaks midway leaving you somewhere up and hanging ....... almost falling of the cliff kind of feel
anyways ... i conclude that the ones who are telling Weckl doesn't have feel, is too mechanical is either lying or plain wrong.
also leave apart Dave Weckl band ........ Corea, George benson, simon&garfunkel, Diana Ross, Michel Camilo, Patitucci, .... natalie cole/ madonna's producers are not really so illiterate to take a machine right ???

in some numbers his playing is so tricky ( tricky cause... after all this dude has only 4 limbs like all of us) that it may seem to be aparently too overwhelming....... unreachable .... never-achievable ... OverPlaying ........but then why don't you leave those numbers and listen to the good feel ones ??? also i would suggest don't listen to the entire album at one go...... so much work is there it really becomes an overdose resulting in boredom to a Critical examining mind ......... but on the other hand suddenly if you listen to one Weckl number after so many other genres that you hear .... it sounds really good !!

but anyways .. for the last one year am going through a very earthy, belonging to soil and nature phase of mood .... so back to my Bembeya jazz and Oliver Mtukudzi :)

also can someone point me to good online /offline resources in english related to rhythms from Mali, Zimbabwe, Guinea etc like Shona Mbira, Mandinga etc .... I don't want to leave my family and go to africa :(

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