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Default Re: New Video: Top Secret Drum Corps Basel Switzerland

I was brought up in Drum Corps and they all wear a Badge of Honor...this "Top Secret" corps are without question one the best drumlines I have ever seen...i was in awe with memories & excitement watchin them

For anyone not familiar with the personality of a Drum Corp player...they are the most dedicated musician to their instruments you will ever find, and will "Not" quit until they reach perfection because they will never settle for just 2nd best, they thrive for # 1...i even produced an instruction video in 1989 with backstickin & drum corps rudiments, because I wanted to the world to see & sell it to schools.

The other part of a Drum corps musicians are they don't play for money, stardom, fame or to massage their ego's, they play to perfection to entertain, for the love of music and to hear a hand clap at the end of their performance is a goal accomplished.

I want to add...that movie "Drumline" should have been entitled "The Marching Band" because thats what they were & thats how they played...sloppy & with no disipline or perfection in their playing...

"Drum Corps" players are insulted if you call them a marching band as the Marine Corps is if you call them Army men....hope I left you with insight & I recommend every single dummer to spend a few years in Drum'll only better you as a not play in your school marching band unless you plan on guiding & training them to be real drummers....not to mention your drum corps friends will beat you up & call you names ...!!!!


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