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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta...the unsung Hero.

Originally Posted by ZeppelinJB
No finnhiggins, im not new to the "drumming thing" and i dont know why you quoted me because what you had had nothing to do with the quote, but w/e.
Yes it did, but after two posts you're evidently still too dense to figure it out and instead want to have a go at me as well. You first had a go at mlehnertz for his comment:

"When you're referenced by simply your first name, I think it says it all.". He was talking about VINNIE, not about you. You then took offence because you somehow (I've no idea how) interpreted this as a slight against Led Zeppelin and thought he was calling you ignorant. I quoted you because I felt the need to tell you that he was talking about Vinnie. Clearly you haven't run into Mr Colaiuta before, which would explain why you didn't know. But the rest of us - and, indeed, most of the world of drumming - quite clearly have.

You can think Im "new" or not, im not going to listen to you run your mouth and brag of your text book knowledge my friend. "Vinnie" wasnt on the nightwalker CD case, or anything. I looked into it and nothing told me about him. Just because I researched in wrong spots, doesnt mean I am "new" to "this drumming thing" buddy.
No, not knowing who an uncredited drummer doesn't make you new to drumming, you're right. However, not having a clue who one of the most influential and well-known drum superstars of the last twenty years suggests that you probably haven't exactly picked up a copy of... well... any drum magazine on a regular basis since 1985. So either you're new or you've been away for a very, very long time.

Now, please. I helped you find out who the drummer you were after was. Cool down. People here are just a bit amused that you've started a "OMG, have you heard of this obscure guy I just found on an old Gino Vanelli CD!" thread about arguably the most prolific and well-known session drummer working anywhere in the world today, let alone one of the major pioneers of modern drumming from the late 1970s to now. He has his own signature stick. He was the driving force behind the A Custom series of cymbals, arguably one of the most popular series on cymbals on the planet. He's played with Zappa, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Megadeth, The Backstreet Boys, Barry Mannilowe... John McLaughlin... Allan Holdsworth... and just about everybody else on the planet who has any money or plays fusion.

It's a bit like going to a guitar forum and writing a post going "Hey, I just heard out this totally awesome obscure blues guitarist from the 60s. You guys should check him out - I think his name's Jimi or something...". You can't really do that and expect people not to laugh. Vinnie came first in Modern Drummer's "Best studio drummer" and "Best overall" poll categories for ... ooh... just about most years during the whole of the 90s? That's not exactly unsung. If you're not new to the whole drumming thing, I'd suggest you'd at least have had to have been hiding under a rock to miss him.
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