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IMHO, I think there are better drummer's than D.C., but all are mostly "solo" drummer's (I'm sure you know which one's), but for playing in a musical group, I definetly put Carey high in the top 3 of my list. Danny Carey undoubtedly has a discernable playing style, but his approach on every album differs...Anyone heard his work in Pigmy Love Circus or Volto? D.C. played and recorded with Pigmy Love Circus before he even met any of the Tool guys (here's the link to the Amazon page of PLC's second studio album 'The Power of Beef' ). Volto has never released an official CD recording, they are mostly a live band that played a lot in southern California, the best place to hear their music is at their myspace page... ... I think the stuff on 'Power of Beef' is really cool, much more straight-ahead than Tool, and D.C. is a total 'powerhouse' on all of it, and with Volto, D.C. gets to show of his more fusion/blues/jazz/pocket playing. Of course, since D.C. is now touring in Tool, Volto and PLC are currently defunct (probably till the whole Tool tour extravaganza is over in a year or so). Though there could be some sporatic appearances of either between dates in the Tool tour.

Edit: I know they did confirm a live DVD release sometime in the future, but we will just have to wait. Don't know if they would work on it and release it during touring, or wait until they're completely done with touring...
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