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Originally Posted by toteman2
I've always thought of technique as a way of perfecting your musical aproach...I am one who also does not undestand what "too technical" means...How can technique take away from your drumming? It can't! it only enhances your drumming...
Of course it can. It's perfectly possible to spend twelve hours a day working on intricacies of technique and co-ordination while completely missing the point. Go listen to that Meg White video, the "Doorbell" song. The drum part on that song has a really nice tone to it, and it's very well selected. However, it has all manner of things that - technically - we fight against. Things like having the right hand locked to the right foot, for a start.

I've studied a lot of technique and co-ordination. So now, when I sit down I have the choice to play with my right hand locked to the bass drum or to play a consistent ostinato with the hands while playing independent stuff with the feet. However, given an opportunity to choose a groove.. what approach am I most likely to use?

Well, since I've spent years of my life working on the clean, co-ordinated stuff... I'll do that first. So would most studied drummers. But what if that's not the best, most appropriate part? What if the music you're playing calls for a Charlie Watts type approach? Sure, if you've got musical taste and depth then you can realise this and you can execute that part too if you have good technique. But if you spend all your time just working on your technique then how does that musical taste and depth develop in your playing? It certainly doesn't come from working on Stick Control all day...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to work on Stick Control some more.
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