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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta...the unsung Hero.

Originally Posted by ZeppelinJB
mIhertz IMO led zeppelin is the greatest band ever. don't put me in a category of ignorance because I like led zeppelin. thanks buddy
Mate, you've totally missed the point here. Vinnie Colaiuta is most commonly referenced as "Vinnie" in drumming circles. If you say "Hey, have you heard Vinnie on that new CD by ArtistXYZ?" then any well-read drummer is going to immediately assume you mean Vinnie Colaiuta, not Vinnie Paul or any other Vinnie.

He's such a legend you can reference him by his first name, like Buddy, Ringo or Elvin. There's very few musicians who ever get to that level. If you've not encountered Vinnie before I can assure you it's not because he's an unsung nobody, it's just because you're a bit new to this whole drumming thing...
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