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I think the most ridiculous statement anyone says is that he or any drummer IS TOO TECHNICAL? Well isn't drumming all about technique and perfecting it??? If not then why play...
I disagree, there is a thing as playing and thinking to technicle. To me technique is developed in order to make it easier to play more musically, if that makes sence. Im not saying you cant ever think about things from a technicle aspect because sometimes that is impossible and in order for one to play musically they must have a solid foundation with technique. What i tend to see is when any musican (not just drummers) start thinking and playing to techniclally what comes out is often very stiff. Now I respect Dave Wekl simply because all of the things he has acheived but when it comes down to it I personally would rather listen to someone like Jack Dejohnette or Jeff Ballard or Brian Blade instead of Dave Wekl, just because of their approach which is more about the music than the technicle aspect. This is just my opinion and im just throwing out there.
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