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Originally Posted by meancarlene
what fills has alex van halen done that are impossible? good drummer but come on...anything he does that sounds impossible IS impossible. don't tell me that hot for teacher isn't overdubbed up the rear end and that stupid snare drum roll at the end of his solos is an electronic joke after about 35 seconds. excellent solid drummer with solid grooves and an AWESOME and UNMISTAKEABLEsnare drum sound but pretty far from the top.
Your not the biggest fan of Alex or Neil Peart. Two of my top three favorite drummers and biggest influences. My favorite ( not the BEST in the world, thats a huge statment ) drummer has always been Gregg Bissonette. To say " The Top" what do you mean? In your oppinion or drummers that are more "Technical". Most people know how versitle Gregg is and that he is a great all around player. But there are still drummers that can do what he cant in some styles. Does not mean I would like him any less.
Just curious what "The Top" means to you.

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