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Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer
^ Bingo. I consider maybe 3 tracks on any of his CDs to be worth giving a second, or 50th listening. I love drumming, but I like drums that go to a song, not the other way around. And of course I respect his mastery of the drums, but there's still something about his playing that doesn't sit right in me.
I do also make something clear. I do think using the drums as a compositional tool, even the main one, is fine and in fact I do it all the time with my "band". However, it seems like he's appealing to a "song oriented" and probably baby-boomer age jazz fan (adult contemporary?) as opposed to the really hard-core jazz fan. The drumming is insanely beautiful in a field of badly sampled synthesizers and cheesey alto sax playing.

I think if Dave ventured off like Vinnie and did some crazy Fusion Rock like "Thanks To Frank " with Warren Cuccurullo or did a Megadeth album (Slayer?), or formed a fusion-y underground rock band or something.

I just can't do the adult contemporary, guys!

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