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Originally Posted by hookedup
you'll find that they can, and do, reach a much wider audience outside of angst-ridden teenagers.

In addition, I don't see how your take on their target audience has anything to do with his playing.
friend, I was talking about the musical expression that the band has chosen and the lack of melody......

right now before posting this I was listening to Stanton Moore's mambo variations which Bernhard has uploaded ...... and prior to that I was listening to Trilok Gurtu's old albums ........and now Meshuggah's Glints Collide number.......... well .... you hear them and then tell me yourself why Meshuggah sounded so bitter to my ears ....... face the fact: you have to be in a particular frame of mood to enjoy Meshuggah or maybe i should simply shut my musical mind and pay attention only to the technicalities.
This remind me of one memorable scene from the brilliant movie Amadeus (offcourse I know Amadeus is just a fiction with real characters, and also you see it if you have'nt yet). In the context of the movie Salieri himself was a technically brilliant, famous and well trained musician.

(copy pasting)
[Having played two pieces of music to the priest, who doesn't recognize either]
Salieri: Can you remember no melody of mine? I was the most famous composer in Europe. I wrote 40 operas alone.

I never questioned Tomas' abilities per-se thats why asked whether someone can point me towards any other form of musical setting where Tomas has played .. am sure he must be awesome otherwise they would not have sampled his chops in the first place......

from that toontrack site itself I found Morgan Agren to be very versatile .... versatility and "can execute"/independance are different things .... for example .. for the last 4/5 months am practicing salsa, bossa and mambo ... I can execute the exercises as far as the signature goes and am comfortable with most of the applicable tempos but somehow i feel that typical brazilian swing is not coming ...... maybe i need to listen more and play along Bossa coming to the point .. i can now incorporate some cool samba bass ostinatos and have some clave patterns thrown in my rock 4/4 beat ..but does that mean that am a great fusion drummer who can improvise at will ??

hope you are getting what am trying to say ....

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