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Originally Posted by bighaibigdrums
Ask 10 people (nondrummers) who Steve Gadd is. Then ask them who Tommy Lee is. Then compare bank accounts and you'll see why he does this stuff.
but you fail to see that stellar brilliant people are less drawn towards awards or money. the satisfaction of doing what he loves keeps him doing it on and on day and night .......... not only in music in every field .... Example Grigory Perelman the russian mathematician who has supposedly solved the almost 100 yrs old poincare conjecture ( prized :$1,000,000) has even refused the Fields medal ( the Nobel equivalent in Maths ) ......and the dollars in other prizes...... (do read what he is doing now).....

argue with some other points but do not compare Gadd with Tommy Lee like a fool......

FYI Gadd may not be in an adult video but he is right now not dying of hunger on the streets either.

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