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It was said quite a few times in this thread. Tommy Lee might not be the greatest rock drummer of all time, but he is a Legend in the drumming community. If anyone had a chance to see the Carnival Of Sins tour, you have to acknowledge that. Yes, he is a showman, but he is also a drummer... probably better than most of us. Tommy Lee lives a lifestyle that many want to live and I think that is a problem for some people, especially the TL haters. You know how it goes.. "misery loves company." Sure, Tommy doesn't seem like a very humble and friendly person at times... but thats what the media wants us to see. I'm sure if you talk to his close friends, you will find a very different man behind all the media hype. Regardless... he is a legend in the drumming community, he brought quite a bit of showmanship to a very dull drumming community in the early 80's, and he is EXCELLENT at what he does. Tommy Lee gets an A+ on the drummer scale. Not just becuase of his drumming... but becuase he is able to create so much drama. ;-)
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