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Default Re: Steve Smith DVD

Originally Posted by aahznightsky
To me truthfully I feel that this dvd didn't have enough. As far as the second disk, all he went over was typical rhythms that you can learn just by listening to music from those periods. Plus the actual people playing on those recordings had more feeling (more swing n funk) in it too.
This bothered me too. Very little in most of the styles beyond the cliche, and worse yet as soon as he hit the 1960s or so he just went "... and amazingly, my band Vital Information plays all of this music from then to now! Hey, let's watch us play 80s fusion!". As if every style that has emerged since the 60s (which arguably was the beginning of some of the richest drumset material we have available to us today) is just to be considered a preamble to contemporary fusion and not worthy of independent discussion.

I didn't really rate that DVD beyond the technical aspects, to be honest.
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