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Originally Posted by dawg
i like mitch's playing,but at times w/hendrix it could sound a little sloppy,but maybe that's because the drums were tuned(or recorded?) so crappy.
I think you're partly right on this one. Playing with a musician as volatile and talented as Jimi Hendrix meant that things could (and did) get a little out of hand, but never so much that the music fell apart. As for the drums, realize that Mitch was coming from a jazz perspective and therefore tuned his drums up to achieve better projection. Modern drummers tend to tune their toms low and slack, so that's why the sound may seem "crappy" or foreign to your ear. I will concede that the recording techniques of the 1960's sound lo-fi in comparison to what we have today, but regardless of recording quality or drum tuning, Mitch was always in control of what he did and IMO never played at anything less than his best.
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