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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Billy - I think I've spoken with you online a few times, on your forum I believe, and you were kind enough to check out my website for disabled drummers and offer your insight. I just want to say again how much of an influence you are in my playing. Especially in how I approach setting up the drums and shooting for maximum comfort, as a drummer who needs all the help in being as comfortable as I can get, your phylosophy behind it has been invaluable to me.Your DVD is definately a "Stranded on a Desert Island", "the house is on fire, what do I save" scenario for me :)

Thanks again for being such a wonderful educator and down to earth person. Hopefully some day I'll get a chance to meet you in person or catch a clinic, but unless you're in the middle of Massachusetts along Rt. 2 somewhere, I doubt it :)

Take Care - Rob Richard
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