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Marc, I appreciate that it is not easy nor always wise to compare drummers across different genres, and that the most important skill a drummer can possess is the ability to fit the musical situation in which they are playing. Chris Adler's style fits Lamb of God well, and he has above-average skills behind a kit; I also agree with those on this forum whom have commented on his humility and generally nice attitude; I have nothing against Adler or his playing. I do object, however, to him being referenced for his speed and control, which are not exceptional for a touring professional; notice that on the same DVD, Jojo Mayer displayed greater speed and finesse on a single pedal than either Adler or Jason Bitner could muster on double bass drums. The reason I mentioned Billy Cobham is because he is a drummer from the jazz/fusion idom who possesses the power and speed required for metal, and of course can easily navigate mixed time signitures. It would surely be pointless to compare Philly Joe to Chris Adler, but I expect that many top metal drummers have checked out Cobham extensively, making the comparison more valid.
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