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Mitch was one of my primary inspirations when I was first starting to play, along with Bonham and Moon. He's one of those drummers who started playing jazz and then played rock, instead of the other way around, and I think a lot of my favorite rock drummers started out playing jazz or allowed it to influence their playing style in some way. I love the fact that Mitch was given free reign to do whatever he pleased on the Hendrix recordings, becuase his spirit really comes through and you can tell he's having a blast playing the drums! He has a very unique way of "rollin' and tumblin" over the kit, much like his hero, the late great Elvin Jones. And I found it interesting to learn that Mitch won entry in to the group by means of a coin tossed by the manger. If that coin had landed on the other side, Aynsley Dunbar would have been Jimi's drummer!
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