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Default Re: Tony Williams

I was lucky enough to see him in clinic just months before he passed away.

He began the clinic with a double-stroke roll that he continued for a good 5 minutes, changing the rate, the dynamics.... then moved onto the rest of the kit piece by piece.. he didn't stop for 45 minutes. He was very arrogant and dodged question about other drummers, proclaiming "I'M TONY WILLIAMS.. they (Chambers, Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, etc) got that stuff from ME". Totally turned off my drum teacher at the time... but I loved it.

The man played with the same confidence he carried in life. Not only did my ears ring for days, due to the sheer power of his playing, but he changed my outlook on music forever.

I seriously cried when I read in Time magazine that he died. I had to get behind my kit and get those emotions out.

The most intelligent drummer... every note being 100% intentional and crisp.

Nobody ever played the drums like that and nobody ever will again.

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