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Default Re: Vinnie Colauita

After seeing him with Sting ten years ago, I TRIED to pick out a misplayed note SOMEWHERE. Didn't happen.

The Randy Waldman album "Wigged Out" has one of the most amazing solos (with a piano vamp) I've ever heard on it.

The Zappa albums were perhaps his best... he was the only drummer Frank even mentioned in his book, even though Wackerman spent 12 years with his band. The reason he and Jeff Berlin were fired from Frank's band is legendary, too. Interesting note: Vinnie used Terry Bozzio's kit to try out for Zappa.... damn I wish that was video taped!!

The somewhat recent Megadeth album he cut and the Warren Cuccurullo "Thanks to Frank" records reaffirm his being king of the versitile, being able to play heavy rock as well as ANYbody.

If Tony Williams is God.. Vinnie is Jesus!

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