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Default Re: refinshed peavey

Originally Posted by Johnny_Stacks
thanks alot. it was really the best i could do when i woke up at 9 and saw what Nutha did with that pearl and i want to refinish my and i just found some stain. and i guess im just use to thoughs colors since i have hard wood floor and thats the color of the bassdrum and i have the same exact stain on the coffee table next to me right now thats on the toms lol.

Oh and one quetion. i forget what the peace is called but you can see it in the pic below. how much does a new one of thoughs cost? because you cant really see in the picture but its still got the old finsh on it and i cant peel it off for some reason..
i dont remember, but it shouldnt be too much. you can get it in wood or plastic. Check out in the john bonham section of the main site, the vids w/ the guy on the green drumset talks bout it I think.
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