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I look at Keith as a representitive of a new, harder rock era. It was a turning point in the late 60's when rock drummers were becoming more "rock" and less jazz drummers playing rock.

The hitting became heavier, and the antics more outrageous. It became the norm to have a heavy-handed drum solo, and an outrageous kit.

His appeal seemed to be that of a wildman. His "Pictures of lily" was one of the first wild and customized rock kits. There was a lot to look at. He had this flailing, spastic style that mesmerized the then-audiences where were not used to such and aggressive and bombastic drumming display. Looking at that vista-lite video, the solo would not fly today. It was about hitting everything and being loud...not structure.

I have always liked the Who, but from that era, I prefer the drumming styles of Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge) and Bonzo. I was never a real big Moon fan.
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