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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Alfredo "Billy or Freddy" Watkins
how long been playing?' bout a year
origin of user name? The answers above or below answer this one..
top 5 drummers?For Rock, Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, Sean Kinney, Gregg Bissonette (he's everything though really) and of course Jimmy Chamberlin. For Jazz, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl,
make of drumkit? PDP
make of cymbal? Pearl
where do you practice? In my room
are you in a band/s? friend's like to play along with me.
covers or originals? Both. I write songs of my own, but like to play other people's tunes.
what style of music? All. Not one bit of music I dun' like. Although, most of all Rock of all sorts, and Jazz of all sorts.
favourite take out food? Pizza. For some reason it seems, all us drummers like Pizza. Well, I love Maxwell Street's Pizza, which is a lil' shop over here. Great Pizza. And anyone who calls Pizza Hut pizza doesn't know Pizza. If I'm not a drummer for a job, I'll be a pizza tester, and show people what good pizza is. Lol, there was this one time, I went to Utah, and there was this Pizza Place I went to. And the waitress was so nice...and she said before we ordered that, "This will be the best pizza you have ever tasted", and well, it was some nice cheese, bread, with some crummy lunchables sauce. Then I asked her where she lived, and she told me she had moved to Utah from Ohio. LOL! No offense to Ohio, but she wouldn't be the person to judge what the best pizza ever is. haha!
country?U.S of .A.
one really odd fact about yourself? I have this really weird OCD, with really weird symptons.
how did you start drumming?Alex Van Halen got me into it, with the song "Jump". I'd still be on the saxophone, or couch if it weren't for him. And I'm not saying either of those are bad things.
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