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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Nick Lucero (OR "Bumblebee" as I'm known locally for whatever reason)

age? 22

how long been playing? 12 years

origin of user name? Not really sure...Just kind of a play on words I used to sign all my papers with back when I was an English Major.

top 5 drummers? Vinnie Colauta, Ari Hoenig, Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Carter Beauford (though picking 5 is a super injustice..and I wouldn't swear by this list in court)

make of drumkit? Yamaha Maple Customs

make of cymbal? Zildjian (but there's beautiful cymbals made by a lot of companies)

where do you practice? Home/College/Guitarist's Studio

are you in a band/s? "The Figgie Pudding" a VERY tenatively named band that my guitarist (Blue Jay) and my bass player came up with..mostly the bass player. Also "Synesthesia" a different band with the same guitarist and several others...we're currently very new to playing with each other but I expect some GREAT stuff once everyone gets back from vacations, etc. and we actually start working together (yes...we're THAT new to each other). Mostly though, I'm known a "hired gun" type locally. I get calls all the time from local musicians that need a drummer for recording or gigging...or bands that need me to replace their drummers for certain gigs, etc. People know me as someone that's professional, focused, can get the job the done, and most importantly, do a GOOD job with whatever type of music that's thrown at me.

covers or originals? A hearty mix of both...for most "gigs" around here, covers are the only thing that fly, but there's nothing I love more than doing originals. There's somehting completely freeing about being to play to a song that has never been put to drums. It's the only thing we musicians really have that compares to a "blank canvas" and I for one, LOVE laying down some "fresh paint".

what style of music? All kinds...I've played in straight shout church bands, classic rocks bands, big bands, three piece jazz groups, funk, heavy metal, and yes..even contry bands. There's no music out there that I don't think isn't worth at least trying to play at least once. You learn from EVERYTHING.

favourite take out food? Umm...Pizza is the universal food. You can get anything on it. My favorite was from this super hip place where I grew up called "Milan's Brick Oven", it was a chicken, potatoe, onion pizza. Sounds wierd...but it was delicious. R.I.P. to that pizza place...I found out that it's recently closed it doors.

country? USA

one really odd fact about yourself? When I was very, very young, I had an accident with my left hand and a lawnmower...sound crappy? ...I had no idea just HOW lame. My finger nearly got cut off..and apparently there was a lot of nerve damage in that hand. My right hand technique involves a lot of finger work for finesse and speed...but my left hand literally CAN'T work the same way. I've spent of my drumming life having to develop and use a more moellerish technique to use with my left hand. ...super lame.

how did you start drumming? I played sax in my junior high band..and we played "Wipeout"...and for some reason, I kept watching the drum solo. I kept thinking to myself "You know what...I can do that. It's just one hand..then the other!" So I made the band director let me try it out on the quads...and BAM. Wipe Out. First try. From there on it was just a matter of finding out as MUCH about drums as first big inspiration was Dave Weckl...Imagine me...a kid who had never even SEEN a drumset hearing "Hard Wired" for the first time. I heard one of his solos...and I was completely hooked. The rest, as they say, is history! (well...history being a REALLY relative term...Hopefully i'm more of a "work in progress" !!)