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heres the situation: i am a college freshman currently helping out a local marching band drum line. my eventual plan is establish a marching band at my old high school or reestablish the marching band of the school across town (still havent decided if giving up navy blue for purple in the uniform is worth a nearby football field and the history). anyway, they have decent bass drums and tenors kicking around the music department, but the snares are the old style marching drums with the high tension lugs that run the length of the shell. when i get around to this little project, i want to refinish the drums and grab a few of the new style high tension drums. when going about this, i figured buying some keller tom shells and pearl hardware (less drilling than dynasty or yamaha) and just assembling the drums myself would probably be cheaper and more time effective than buying preassembled drums and refinishing them.

the question: how exactly do you go about getting those ultra shallow snare beds in the shells?
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