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Originally Posted by pcmckay
First off you want to use a Coated Emperor on the batter side, on the bottom use a clear Ambassador or a clear Diplomat. I am pretty sure Bonzo used clear for the bottom, I have never heard of anyone using anything else. The bottom head should be cranked up significantly higher then the top. The top head should be cranked up high but not to the point of choking the sound. You want the snares to be loose so that you can hear the sensitivity of the snares. You are looking for a nice snarey sound. Sometimes I use a drum dial and to give you an idea my snare batter side is at 90. The bottom is at 100 maybe a little more. You want to make sure you have good seperation between the bottom head and the batter side. Also the way you strike the drum will have an effect on the sound. I would say about 98% of the time Bonzo would strike the snare using a rim shot for power. I hope this helps, enjoy that Supraphonic they are the best!

Thanks for the help pcmckay! I have a clear ambassador on the bottom (it came with it) and a pretty beat up coated emperor on the batter side (will be replaced tomorrow). I cranked up the bottom and put the batter side cranked but not as much. So far thats correct. And I actually do hit the snare like a rim shot alot. So thats correct. The sound I get out of it is soooo nice and just to think the head on it is a piece of crap! Cant wait to get a new emeperor coated on there tomorrow. I will prob also pick up a 42 strand snare system and yes I keep my snare fairly loose to get that sensativity.

By the way how much usually does a drum dial cost?
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