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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real name - Michael Lehnertz.

Age - 39.

How long been playing - 30 years.

Origin of user name - Duh...

Top 5 drummers - Vinnie. Virgil. Simon Phillips. Buddy Rich. Jeff Porcaro. So many others that I like and respect (Weckl, Jonathan Mover, Omar Hakim, Gregg Bisonette).

Make of drum kit - Yamaha Recording Series Custom. Ludwig standard 5 pc. Yamaha electrics w/ Roland R8M guts.

Make of cymbal - Zildjian & Sabian, but really whatever sounds good.

Where do you practice - I have a room dedicated to drums.

Are you in a band(s) - No longer. Freelance.

Covers or originals - Whatever pays.

What style of music - Big band, rock, R&B, classical, whatever...

Favorite take out food - Pizza.

Country - USA/Rhode Island

One really odd fact about yourself - 3.

How did you start drumming - When I was a kid I could hear the local drum and bugle corps practicing on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. I could always hear the drums over the distance and I loved the cadences. I then managed to get permission to travel to where they were practicing and I'd watch the practices. I was hooked.