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Originally Posted by NaturalRaZ
Hey Sesh.....

Have you ever given any thought to the fact that more than likely thats what the DMB wants out of Carter? I'm sure that if they were unhappy, or thought that they as individuals were not having enough space to play they would have said something... don't you?

Infact, I know thats what the band wants from Carter. They want him to just rip the songs up and drive people/drummers crazy.

The DMB has somewhere around 15 or so albums that they have released. I'm sure that if Carter was a song-hog they would have ditched him.

Also, you have to take into consideration the other band members. There is only so much that the rest of the band can do for each song. For Carter.. the skies the limit due to the abundance of instuments on his kit. He has alot more to work with being a drummer. Also... he isn't really doing all that much. He.. as you know, plays open-handed which gives him more of an ability to use his kit and create more sound. He is just doing whats normal to him. I mean... c'mon. If you had hands and feet like that guy... whouldn't you use them to the best of your ability in your band, as long as the band agreed with it?

I'm not trying to say that your opinon is wrong... if you noticed, I never came close to it. I'm just asking if you have considered the quick points I have mentioned.

Actually I thought long and hard about it anyway - it's been a slow process of my opinion changing on him on I'e questione things a lot. I agree with you entirely, I know that's waht the band wants, and I have 10 of their albums so I'm fully aware that they're more than happy with them - just look at interviews with Dave or any of them online. All I'm saying is for me it's starting to turn me off the Band a little bit - purely an opinion.

I think for me, I tend to lean towards music that features musicians one at a time, and gives the soloists and vocallists more space - it's the same reason I find a lot of Jazz very hard to listen to, I'm not really a fan of the drummers overplaying behind other instrumentalists sections (and I don't want to get into a debate about what overplaying is - I mean compared to fairly simple, supportive grooves featured in most pop/rock stuff). As Carter is influenced heavily by Jazz it's clear why he approaches drums like that - particularly since DMB used to have a percussionist and Carter chose to take on that role as well when he left. It's also fine that Band like that, and that a lot of fans also like it. For me however, it's just got to the point where I wish he'd back off a little more during verse sections and other instrumental solos than his own. It may be partly as he uses such bright cymbal sounds, that are often high in the mix on their studio stuff, it's a very "in your face" sound. A lot of other guys that play as many notes (Weckl for eample) use darker sounds that blend more easily into the mix, and are less obtrusive.

Anyhow, it is just my opinion, and it's unlikely to change - I still enjoy and am constantly amazed by Carter, I'd love to be able to play like that - he's a truly great drummer.
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