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Default Jon Theodore in concert

Last night I saw The Mars Volta and System of a Down in concert in Toronto, and I was must say it was an amazing show. Both bands tore up the stage with so much energy, power, and sheer excitement.

Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta completely blew me away. I was in some sort of awe for their entire set. It was so cool because it was as if I was watching him just play in a room because I was only about 10 meters from the stage.
I knew Jon Theodore was a great drummer (he's one of my favourites right now), but after seeing him live it completely made me see his playing in a whole new prespective. He just had some much power and he was so smooth and creative.

I could rave all night about how great he was but I just need to stop and share a bit of my experience. You really need to see him play live in order to truly be amazed by his drumming.

If The Mars Volta and System of a Down are playing near you go see them! The drumming is spectacular, and the bands are amazing as well.

Another thing....young drummers today should be looking at an amazing rock drummer like Jon Theodore and many other greats instead of Travis Barker. Don't let these great drummers be left in the dark!
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