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I've unfortunately actually started to go off Carter recently I'm afraid, but I will try to justify that before I get shot down:

I first heard DMB about 2 and a half years ago, and was absolutely blown away. Over the next 6 months or so I bought all their studio albums and developed into an obsessive fan. My playing style changed massively because I fell in love with Carter's playing, and they were my all time favourite band up until a few months ago. The trouble is, I've recently started to listen back to the stuff, and I do think that Carter overplays rather a lot - his grooves are so full to bursting with hi-hat flourishes and clever cymbal stuff that I find it quite annoying now.

I was a massive fan, and I still think Carter is still one of the most technically profficient drummers on the planet. I also think his soloing and jamming sections within the songs are fantastic. It's just his normal verse grooves - particularly within most of 'before these crowded streets' - he just seems to never give anyone else any room. Anyhow, it's just an opinion - I still have a lot of faves in their back-catalogue.
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