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I'll say this about Neil Peart. His drumming changed the course of my life. Like so many of you, I started playing the drums beacuse of him. I was 13 and saw the video (back when MTV played videos let alone by a progressive rock band) for Subdivisions and all I could think about was how cool this serious looking guy playing the drums was. Not to mentioned WHAT he was playing. I was so hooked and there was no looking back. Throughout high school my bedroom and locker were covered in Rush pictures. My dad took me in 1984 to see them on the Grace tour. As I watched the opening band play I saw Neil's kit behind them covered by a sheet. I remeber just staring at it KNOWING what was under there. When he first came into view under the lights playing 'Spirit Of Radio' I was in heaven. Like it's been stated before, you knew everything he was going to play before he played it and that was just how I wanted it.

Thanks to Neil I became a drummer and dedicated more time to it than anything else in my life. Lessons, practicing, gigs, college degree, etc. Over time my tastes have changed and I don't listen to Rush as much any more. But on their last tour I was able to see them second row. As I sat there seeing my childhood hero right in front of me, I went from a home owning, married father to a teenager again.

Thanks for everything Neil.
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