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Thanks. Not to overkill the Al Foster thing ( I like lots of other drummers) but this is SO cool that people are even talking about him at drummerworld.

I have a VHS of the Verve Salutes the Jazz Masters Live at Carnegie Hall. Anyone ever see that? He plays with Christian McBride, Charlie Haden, Joe Henderson, Pat Metheny, Steven Scott, Roy Hargrove, Betty Carter.

Whew.....he is SO fun to watch...smiling the whole time like Billy Higgins (one of my other ALL TIME favorite drummers).

The Sound Creation Dark Ride is not miked to well and is kind of "trebley" and high pitched washy overtones...

My favorite part is watching him play the bossa nova with the brush on the tom tom (eight-two sixteenths) while playing the clave rythym on the snare rim as normal...very hip...I use that beat all the time.

His green yammies sound great though I think

okay back to normal
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