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Well I have all 10 of his CD's and four of his 8 DVD's/Video's to say the least I am a big fan. I think the most ridiculous statement anyone says is that he or any drummer IS TOO TECHNICAL? Well isn't drumming all about technique and perfecting it??? If not then why play...

I understand not everyone is into his style of drumming or music but to say he is not creative is crazy. His songs on his CD's are all about being creative really listen to them, alot of stuff his band does they come up with through jam sessions, that's what creativity is all about. But I guess it depends on what each of you define as being creative?

Dave Weckl is without a doubt in my mind one of the top drummers of all time, but he is also a very good at wanting others to get better. Remember when setting out to buy a drum video read it first and make sure it is what you want to learn, and first of all making sure it is something you can learn. Like Marco Minneman I would love to see that video, but to buy it to try to learn his drumming would be a waste of money for me because I'm not that advanced yet. Weckl has videos for beginners and advanced; make sure you are purchasing the correct one for you.

In closing Weckl is amazing and his latest CD Multiplicity demonstrates he is nothing short of that.


I also think it is easy for any one of you to sit here and bash him when in all honesty, you'd pay to play half as good as him. I think some drummers don't deserve all the hype they get, but Weckl definitely does.
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