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Originally Posted by tkillian
Wow, I just found this thread about my idol and favorite drummer Al Foster.
I just bought my 64th Al Foster CD!!!!

The reason Al's cymbal is so tiltled is explained by him in his last MD interview. When he was young he saw Art Taylor drums on stage. Art had his cymbal tilted like that and it "looked" like it was real high. So he went home and did the same. Thing was Art sat real HIGH so the cymbal was actually at a normal height. Al said he just got into the habit and it stuck and that because its not good for his back he is trying to change it but....

I am going to see Al at the village vanguard at the end of the month. Ill make a little review of the gig here. Of course I cant wait to see and hear him.

Tom Killian
Welcome over here, man-glad to have you aboard!
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