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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I played trumpet in Jr. High and a little in high school. I quit playing in my sophomore year due to the redundancy of the "rehearsals": Tune up, practice a few scales, get yelled at by the band director... repeat the following day. About this time is when MTV first came on the air, and I was intrigued by watching Phil Collins in the old Genesis videos (that's right, kiddies, MTV used to play videos of real musicians playing real instruments!) I loved the punchy sound of his kit and his unique style, although it was hard to figure out what he was doing since he plays as a lefty. Bought the ABACAB album, wore it out... bought some old Genesis albums, wore them out as well ( "3 Sides Live" belongs in EVERY drummer's library). Bought my first kit, got lessons; got a better kit, got lessons from a better teacher, made a meager living playing for a country/rock band for a few years... Kinda drifted away from drumming for several reasons, and just got back into it again about 8 months ago and loving every second of it!
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