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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Gabriel
age? 20
how long been playing? a year or so
origin of user name? Mix up of All Capone and my own name:) for no obvious reasons
top 5 drummers? Steve Gadd, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Jerzy Piotrowski (PL), Vinnie Colaiuta and that's for Jazz, my top 5 rockn'metal are Joey Jordison, Derek Roddy, Dave Grohl, John Dolmayan and Joey Castello...
make of drumkit? Gretsch BlackHawk (standard set)
make of cymbal? Zilidian ZBT kit + ZXT fast splash 10''
where do you practice? My house
are you in a band/s? kind of... had a band but it fell up, now i just have a buddy from my neighbourhood who plays guitar, we are working on obtainig bass and vocal to start a new group.
covers or originals? so far covers and spontainous improvs
what style of music? stone rock, jazz, trash metal (that one's just fun to play after a hard day- it's not my kind of music though...)
favourite take out food? pizza! got to get more pizza!!!
country? Poland a land of thousand (im)possibilites...
one really odd fact about yourself? dunno - living on the boarder of civilization counts?
how did you start drumming? Woke up and had an idea: "hey, why not become a drummer?", then it whent qouite smoothly...