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Hi all,
new to this forum, 45 year old player from the UK. Playing for 30 years.
Had the great fortune to attend a Bozz clinic in Birmingham, England a few weeks ago.
I am still trying to find the words that can even come close to describing it!
It truly opened my eyes to a new world of drumming. I've since bought "Solo Drum Music vol 1,2 and 3" and "Chamber Works"
Just makes me smile to think of it! I loved Bozz from Zappa, UK etc. but this man is something so special, it's like a door has opened to a whole new era of drumming.
If I ever hear any guitarist, keyboard player etc. come out with some cheap drummer joke again I will simply produce "solo drum music" and watch their smug face turn to one of confused wonder, and how I will laugh!!!!!

Mapex user, DW dreamer!!
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