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Default Re: Freddie Gruber - GURU

I've met Mr. Gruber at the Dw booth winter Namm 99 I think it was. This guy is a damn trip and reminds me of a hyper active teenager. Fiesty bastard ! I dont think he cares what anyone thinks about him in the least. It was a non smoking facility and he was chain smoking right in the DW booth ! I saw him tap around a bit but he didnt play much. He was being very playfulll behind the kit kinda of "dancing in the air" or mimicking playing without hiting the heads".The guy seemed a million miles away. I asked him about teaching Neil Peart and he said. "Poor guy. Such a great fella. He really didnt deserve what happened to him." or something like that and that was it. He lit a cig and took off mumbling to himself. Kinda weird guy with his manerisms, huge shades and funny walk but I think his heart is in the right place. Jim Chapin was there too. Didnt talk to him though. Just watched as he explained the moeller stuff to a group of people and proceded to do a single stroke roll at about a zillion bpm hardly moving his arms. I was told that I had just missed Mith Mitchell !!! Damnit !
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