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Default Re: Travis Barker

Travis Barker is a good solid drummer. He lays down some serious beats, keeps time and has good technique. He is a very good musician (how do you thin he got the Blink job anyway) and he deserves some respect. Som many people trip over theselves because he is "overated".I dont fully understand him being "overated". He is an entertainer and a good mucician, and thats why the people like him.

Im tired of all these drums snobs who think they are so "musical" not trying to give Tavis some cred for being the most popular so therfor in the public eye on of the best drummers in the Punk scene today. And also to all of the "snobs" out there, eing fast DOES matter. Buddy Rich would not have been the great he was withoout being fast. That being said, being fast is not everything. Now if anyone can come up to me and say Travis

#1- isnt fast
#2- doesnt play good beats and solid music
#3- is as self absorbed as Buddy Rich was

then we can have a discussion. I'm not saying Travis is as-good-as or better thatn BR, but he is a highly respectable drumer, period.
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