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Default Re: Virgil Donati is the Buddy Rich of our time ("IMO"...I suppose)

what a post!
to offer up my two penneth I'd just like to say, firstly of all this technical s**** for technical s****** sake who do you know that listens (with love and regularity) to say steve vai who isn't a guitar player? same goes for any of these techno psycho's (on any other instrument).
For c****** sake when will people as a whole see that music is music (and in my mind one of the single most important things we have as a species) the great universal language! and technique is simply a way (or part there of) of being able to create this fantastic art form.
I for a start can't play a lot of great grooves (john bonham springs immediately to mind for now and copeland and mitch too) currently as in my 12 months of playing I haven't yet gathered all the technique required for playing them.
I am however proficient on the guitar and bass so I do consider myself able to stand up and voice my opinion on this technique/musicality matter.
During my practice of guitar I favour hendrix over vai for example. with the bass george porter jnr. (the meters) over bill the buddha dickens, just 2 examples.
there are some players who have great technique and their music is fantastic, there are others who have terrible technique but who are/were phenomenally musical.
its a means to an end surely although sometimes can very easily be bypassed but still get great results (curt cobain, stevie wonder(drumwise), john frusicante for example all of which great musicians but not necessarily great technicians).
if any of you crowd are happy in your little worlds of blazing chops with your cd collections full of speed techno and pictures of ugly and pasty people on your walls then all the power in the world to you. HOWEVER don't you dare call it music.
There's a reason my missus/my dad/the bloke up the road would not listen to a virgil donati cd. a yngwie malmsteen cd etc.
It's because musically it is s***.
I'm not saying you can't enjoy it for whatever it is, of course you can its a free world and long be it, but don't come on here w******* off that just because somebody can play at 12 zillion beats per minutes for some reason justifies them an entry into the grandest musical echelons.
If you want to play musical, be musical. technique is only the taxi ride to the airport, there's still a lot miles to travel before you get to where you want to be if being a musicians where its at.
I know from my current novice state on the drums that all I'm interested in is laying it down and being able to play the right thing at the right time. If a piece of music calls for a ludicrously fast roll across the drumkit then fair do's I need to learn that but the most important thing is making people playing around me and listening in the audience think "jesus this feels good!".
james brown did it, steve jordan does it, the beatles did it, the list goes on. suffice it to say though that music is the most important thing in music, or have we forgotten that?
finally, in my personal opinion Virgil Donati is the Virgil Donati of HIS time, Buddy Rich is the drumming genius of OUR time.
What man is a man who does not make this world a better place?

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