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Default Re: Virgil Donati is the Buddy Rich of our time ("IMO"...I suppose)

Just to add something in the debate could Virgil has his Ten SUmmoner's Tale in the current music scene ?

Which artist would be able to use Virgil ( or any other monster chop drummer) in a technical and musical way as Sting and Zappa did with Colaiuta or Corea and Paul Simon with Gadd ???

The thing that saddens me in the current pop rock music scene is that nobody has musical ambitions regarding drumming especially !
Thomas Lang has played with a Spice Girl but in this context can he creates a memorable drum part or groove : difficult I would say !
That's why I cherish the Dave Matthews Band because it is basically rock played by Jazz musicians and Dave lets his musicians express themselves especially live, have you seen Carter Beauford in a live context, the guy totally ripps without forgetting the groove (people are dancing DURING his solos goddammit, can Virgil do this ????).
That's why Sting's first albums with Omar Hakim, Manu Katché and Vinnie Colaiuta were amazing because it was a real musical collaboration between Sting and its drummers.
In DMB, Carter creates amazing grooves and parts that are always musical and sometimes quite technical, the guy is for me the perfect balance between groove and over the top playing !

Maybe I am mistaking but what pop rock album in the last 5 years featured a real good drummming performance ( maybe Abe Laboriel Jr with Vanessa Carlton but it wasn't Sting's caliber anyway )

Virgil Donati with Soul Sirkus had very mundane rock beats not particularely creative or original but it was still good.
I ve felt anything in listening Virgil parts except the OMG did he really do that ???
I agree that Vinnie 's performance in Ten Summoner's tale is one fo the most musical, tasteful, subtely technical I know ! He lays down the groove so beautifully on this one !
He uses his incredible chops in the most musical way, I am still waiting for Virgil to do the exact same thing but he's capable I am sure .
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