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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

by thinshells
The really sad thing about the bashings that I have seen is this:

They want Steve Gadd to sound like Joey, or Travis. The bashings usually come from younger folks that aren't impressed by anything except faster, louder. Subtlety and musicianship along with groove are ideas that are undiscovered.

I am glad Steve doesn't do hard rock, punk, or death metal. There are plenty of people to do that stuff, and it's an entirely different realm. Steve does pocket, and epitomizes consummate musicianship. Not just a two-dimensional show of aggression.
I wouldnt worry about what people think so much about Gadd, its their loss if they dont "find" what Steve offers. Its an art form and they just dont like his art work. Im just glad I do.

Dr. Gadd will be at PASIC and performing in the Buddy Rich Tribute..............AMAZING....I play over and over with his GADD ABOUT CD. One of my favorite songs is "My little Brother" its got a good Gadd groove happening. You would be so surprised to just site down and work some of his songs and the more you play them and listen, the more you hear more suddle things he is placing in the song that you just missed.

I must admit, I never heard of Steve through most of my drumming career, but ONCE I did hear him, I couldnt get enough. But all in all, I have listened to him play for years but just didnt know it was him. "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover" Man I must of sang that song a million times and didnt know who the drummer was. LOL. Now its all about studying his playing.

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