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I love Carter Beauford, but it seems that when ever he solo's he ALWAYS falls back on the four stroke roll, i.e. RLRL on the snare then RLRL on the tom (i guess it'd be LRLR for him though!) or some variation. Look at the ending of Ants Marching, the ending of Two Step (live at least, and in this circumstance it fits perfectly with the pattern being played by the band). Obviously that pattern is not even close to all he plays, but it just seems like a fall back for him, something very easy for him to play without having to constantly be creative. Not that he isn't creative, I mean his ride/hi-hat/snare interaction stuff is AWESOME, I just wish he would stretch out a bit more. But then again he's a millionaire and I'm living with my parents, so what do I know! :)
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