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Default Re: Virgil Donati is the Buddy Rich of our time ("IMO"...I suppose)

I'm 25 and have been playing since 8...I remember when i was very young and uneducated and all that would really impress me would be real flashy fast stuff...Thats all totaly changed for me for years...I love EVERY aspect of drumming...I have deep love from Gadd, to Ringo, Glenn Velez, Tony Williams, Alex Acunna, Airto, Bonhman, on and on and on...I watched this video from Sean Rickman last month (who i had never heard of before) and he expressed how certain songs he wrote were not all about chops...The song he played freaking blew me away...It's not even like i have a FAVORITE drummer to say...I think there is just so many differnet sides of drumming to explore are like that i can't have a favorite...

With all that said, i still don't mind talking about Donati...In my experiences, and IMO he is as complete a drummer as you get...Like I've said he has everthing in his playing that i want from feel, to chops, to groove, to complete independence, to understanding of music, to total clarity of notes...He impresses me the most out of any drummer I've ever sceen...This is just how i see things...
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