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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by tleetech
It's not dead; I've just been real busy with the TV show, album, Tommy's website, etc. My apologies.... I'll be back on soon!
Hey guys.... I spoke to Steevo tonight and he wanted me to let you all know that this forum topic is no where near dead.....

Steevo is just super busy right now with the TV Show, the new Motley/Aerosmith tour, the Supernova record, the new Motley record, and eatting dinner once and awhile!!!

Keep posting your questions and Steevo will get them.....


and be sure to watch the RockStar Supernova show.... I heard a rumor that Nate Morton (the houseband drummer) got some snare "help" from Mr Steevo!!!! 30 wires.... check it!
Betty......... YUMMMMMMM
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